Food Photography
At Home


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Master the art of Mobile Food Photography and learn how to take beautiful photographs of food from your home

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What you'll learn

Design Home Studio

Learn How to Design Your Own Photography Studio With What You Have At Home 

Setup your mobile camera

Set Up Your Mobile Camera To Capture The Best Possible Photos

Food Photography Composition

Create A Unique Setting and Beautiful Composition Of Your Own Food

Take Lovely Food Photos and Learn How To Edit Them To Make Them Look Even Better

Easily Create Mouth-Watering Photographs That Tell Your Food Story

Start Now! All You Need Is Your Mobile Camera...

Food Photography - At Home

Whether you're a food blogger, self-proclaimed master chef, or Instagram foodie, this course will give you the skills needed to take incredible food photos.

Our mission is to show you how to use resources right in your home to create delicious, mouth-watering images. We'll walk you through the entire process, and we will be there to answer any questions along the way.

Tell your food story!

Master the art of food photography and learn how to take better photos of your food with your mobile camera, wherever you are. After learning all the basics, you'll be guided through the shooting of a homemade Italian menu that will inspire you to take your own food photos.

This is NOT another course about fancy studio shoots. This is a DIY food photography course for anyone that wants to learn how to take better photos of their food at home.

27 Photography Lessons



Course Lenght


2 Hours 10 Minutes

Photography Level


Beginner & Enthusiast


Mobile Camera


Food Photography
At Home


★★★★★ Reviews

Master the art of Mobile Food Photography and learn how to take beautiful photographs of food  your from home

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27 Photography Lessons

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Part 1 - Introduction


Meet your guide and find out what you will learn on this course.

About Your Photography Guide

Learn more about your food photography guide - Jakub Bors from @BorsPhotography

Part 2 - Light & Location

DIY Studio Setup

In this lesson, you will learn how to set up your own home studio and how to pick the best location based on natural light and size of the working surface.

Food Photography Lighting Basics
Food Photography Lighting Basics

Learn more about the difference between natural and artificial light, discover the power of diffusion and understand the basic but powerful light setup we use in this course.

Our Lighting & Studio Gear

The goal of this course is to show you how you can capture and create incredible food photos without any additional gear. But when you'll be ready to do the next step forward, make sure to check out the best lighting gear options available.


Part 3 - Mobile Camera

Mobile Camera Setup
Mobile Camera - Setup

Knowing how to set up your mobile camera does not only improve the final result, but also steps up your efficiency. Find out how to do this and get the most out of your device.

Mobile Camera - Checklist

Follow our food photography checklist to ensure that you are ready to take the winning shot.

Mobile Camera Recommendations
Mobile Camera - Mobile Camera Recommendations

Learn what to consider when choosing a mobile camera for food photography and what brands we currently recommend.

Additional Mobile Camera Gear
Mobile Camera - Additional Camera Gear (Optional)

Mobile photography is a lot of fun. Push it even further and check the list of additional tools we use with our mobile cameras which come handy for food photography.

Part 4 - Photo Editing

Photo Editing Applications
Photo Editing - Photography Softwares and Applications

In this lesson, we will talk about photo editing and we will recommend you some of our favourite photo editing apps and softwares for mobile and desktop.

Lightroom Mobile Quickstart
Photo Editing - Lightroom Mobile Quickstart

Discover the most powerful mobile photo editing application and learn how to install the free version on your mobile.

Lightroom CC Quickstart
Photo Editing - Lightroom CC (Desktop) Quickstart

Complete the overview of Adobe Lightroom by following this guided tour around the desktop version of Lightroom CC.


Part 5 - Composition, Photo shoot & Photo Editing

Composition, Photo shoot & Editing - Introduction

After covering all the basics, it's time to create incredible compositions, capture amazing photos and appealing food images.

Tomato and Thyme Soup
First Course - Tomato & Thyme Soup

The first course will help you to understand your options when it comes to camera angles and the food photography composition basics.

The editing lesson will show you how to edit your photos with your mobile's native editing app.

Mozzarella Salad
Second Course - Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

The second course comes with another exciting project. Learn how to prepare two different compositions out of the same ingredients.

The editing lesson will introduce you to the basic editing tools in the Lightroom Mobile app.

Third Course - Florentine Pizza

In this lesson, learn more about photographing a flat surface food and discover professional tips on capturing toppings, pizzas, cakes and pies.

In this editing lesson, we will build upon everything we learnt so far and add a handful of new editing tools.

Fourth Course - Tiramisu

In this lesson, we will look for a simple and clean composition while using transparent dishes for the first time. Our goal will be to let the beautiful dessert be the hero and only add a few items to compliment the natural scene.

The Tiramisu photo editing session will introduce you to the power of cloud editing.

Beverage Photography
Beverage Photography - Bloody Mary (Cocktail)

This lesson will cover beverage photography focusing on the additional lighting options and fresh ideas on turning a dreary drink into a photography showstopper.

The final editing lesson will improve your editing skills even more by teaching you a few extra editing tricks.  

Part 6 - Resources


Get access to our resources library including links to some of our favourite food photography books, magazine, YouTube channels, blogs, Instagram profiles and hashtags.

Clever Photographer
Clever Photographer

Stay in touch with our community of Clever Photographers and keep improving your skills with our photography digital tools.


Food Photography
At Home


★★★★★ Reviews

Master the art of Mobile Food Photography and learn how to take beautiful photographs of food from your home

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"This course was worth every dollar. I never imagined how much can be done with a simple setup and a bit of knowledge. My food photos look 100 times better. Thank you so much."

Richard D.

"Jakub is an excellent guide with a lots of knowledge and easy to learn from. I have taken some other food photography classes and they were so complicated that I lost track of the basic concepts. This one is straight forward and fun. Thanks"

Jennifer D.

"I am not a professional photographer. I learned a lot of things in this course, very simple and perfect explanation. I gain knowledge about food photography as well as how to arrange food for the best frame. Thank you guys."

Anne F.

"Finally there is a food photography course for mobile phones! This course was exactly what I needed to introduce me to the basics of photography. I've already put these tools to work and have seen a huge difference in my pictures."

Diana K.

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