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Clever Photographer Presets Reviews

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customers feedback


"I ordered the food presets and I love love love them. Makes my job so much easier Thank you."

customers excellent feedback


"Love your work!!
Your wizard presets are a dream!"

positive feedback


"Thank you ! I purchased your presets... and I Loved them a lot ... was really able to transform my photos!"

excellent feedback


"You had been nothing but amazing.
I’m so thankful"

amazing feedback


"You’re AMAZING. Thank you SO much. Thank you! I love your presets so far. I’ve tried a lot.. like.. a whole lot."

lovely feedback


"Love your Presets. They defiantly bring my pics to the next level. 😍"

brilliant feedback


"I found the most amazing Lightroom presets from @cleverphotographer"

five star feedback


"This was made with the brand new presets from #cleverphotographer - check it out - cool stuff!!"

superb feedback


"I am using new presets from @cleverphotographer and they are amazing! Editing was never easier!"

great review

Kathryn Muller

"I bought the presets today and I'm already in love. So many great choices, including black and whites, hazes, and dramatic enhancements. There's also a free gift download."

Robyn Harold

"Used the wizard collection on my a universal studios pics and I’m in love! Thanks!"

Robert D. Octela

"This is the best preset company online hands down."

great review

Alli W.

"...thanks for your help! And for the great presets! Much appreciated"

awesome review

Nell L.

"The wizard train station preset. Taken where they filmed the library scenes for Harry Potter. Really makes it pop!"

five star review

Robyn H.

"The wizard pack makes the little things in life magical!"

great review


"I saw an ad on Instagram for the Wizard pack and took a chance on it even though I have been disappointed in presets in the past. These are absolutely amazing. I can tell they were very well thought out and each one is so incredibly unique. I would highly recommend the Wizard pack and I look forward to trying others."

awesome review

Tamara G.

" I ordered my preset collection this morning and it was MORE than I could ever imagine. I highly recommend purchasing their presets because not only are they beautiful, I love that I'm able to use them on my mobile device (Samsung Note 10+) and also my desktops and Samsung & iPad tablets. The amount of presets I received pales in comparison to what I was expecting. Thank you, Clever Photographer, for these beautiful presets and your fast download delivery! I'll definitely order them all, at some point."

five star review

Kyle C.

"The Portrait presets are great! They give me edits and ideas that I didn't think of! I'd recommend it for sure, and I'll be buying more presets soon!"

great review

Elisa B.

"Lovely presets and easy buying experience"

awesome review


"These tools are great and help make my social media content so much better and easier to create."

five star review

Doug S.

"Excellent set of presets at a great price. A great addition In processing my images."

great review

Laura M.

"Thank you Clever Photographer for creating great presets to enhance our shots! They are very easy to install and use. Hope you add more to the collection!"

awesome review

Sarah M.

"The filters are great and easy to use."

five star review

Hira A.

"Just bought the food photography preset collection and oh my! The presets are beautiful and I can’t wait to apply them to my photos for my baking business."

great review


"Great price point for some fab presets. So excited to grab these as we dive into summer recipe making!"

awesome review


"Great presets! Loving them, thank you."

five star review

Shivangi G.

"I had bought your food photography presets in may for some improvement in my photography. Thank you so much really it helps me a lot. Thank you soooooo much!"

great review


"Definitely my money's worth.
You get way more than what you pay for. I'm so excited to start using these presets."

awesome review


The best presets!"

five star review

Nikola S.

"These are great presets. I purchased Food Collection and it looks great, especially on Instagram. It is very easy to install them on mobile, so you can apply them on the go. Recommend!"

great review


"I love these beautiful presets! They're so easy to use, and they make my food photos look amazing!"

awesome review

Keith T.

"So many great tips! Already I have learned so much and I am still working my way through all the information - thanks guys!"

five star review


"I'm so glad that I got these presets. I think of them as an investment, I can't wait to try these for some of my images..thank you!"