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Over 986 new elements to power up your Luminar NEO tools. Get extra high-definition Skies, Overlays, Textures, Backgrounds, Sky Objects, Working Layers, LUTs & Presets and transform your images with just a few clicks.

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65 Collections with over 986 Tools

Luminar NEO offers more than 30 editing tools giving photographers countless possibilities when it comes to photo editing. Our brand new Power Bundle will push these possibilities even further. Gain access to this enormous collection with over 986 professional elements designed and created to power up some of the most popular tools in Luminar NEO.

Our Power Bundle include high-definition skies, overlays, backgrounds, textures, sky objects, working layers, LUTs (moods) and presets. It was designed by Jakub Bors, a professional photographer and creator of the popular "Luminar NEO - All Sliders Explained" YouTube show. 

This bundle is suitable for photographers with all levels of photo editing skills. Easily transform your photos or add beautiful atmospheric depth, texture and light to your images with only a few clicks. In addition, the purchase includes video tutorials with everything you need to know to start with your new tools.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a novice taking photos for your Instagram feed, or anywhere in between, you will LOVE our Luminar NEO Power Bundle.


What's Included?

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BONUS: Luminar NEO Course

$29 - Included

Unlock the full potential of Luminar NEO's extensive editing capabilities with our popular "Luminar NEO: All Sliders Explained" course. Dive into a comprehensive collection of 37 high-quality videos, each meticulously crafted to guide you through every slider, button, and editing option within this powerful application. Gain a deep understanding of Luminar NEO's vast array of tools as we explain their purpose and demonstrate their impact on your images. With included sample files, you can follow along and edit the same images as our expert instructors. Elevate your editing skills and harness the true power of Luminar NEO with this indispensable course.

Sky Collections:

$140 - Included

The Sky AI tool offers one of the best sky replacement tools on the market. It allows you to transform your photos instantly with very impressive results. Power up your Sky AI library with 8 additional sky collections. 

These collections, designed for Luminar, offer 90 most popular skies in excellent 300 DPI quality.

The Sky Collections:

  • Daylight Skies
  • Sunset Skies
  • Golden Hour Skies
  • Pink Skies
  • Blue Hour Skies
  • Night Skies
  • Long Exposure Skies


Preset Collections:

$100 - Included

The new Preset module in Luminar NEO allows you to give a new look to your photos. Power up your preset library with 11 additional preset collections. Use them to quickly enhance your photos or to get a starting point and inspiration for your editing. 

These collections include 110 professional presets. They are all non-destructive and they can be individually adjusted based on your image needs.

The Preset Collections:

  • Organic Boho Look
  • Interior Design
  • Moody Tones
  • Ultra POP
  • Artisan Food
  • Vintage Film
  • The Editorial
  • Special Effects
  • Black & White Tones
  • Bonus: HDR Landscapes
  • Bonus: HDR Essentials


Overlay Collections:

$110 - Included

The return of the Layer editing in Luminar NEO opens the door for an even more creative photo editing. Power up your creativity with 245 high-definition overlaysOur simple to use overlays are designed to work with Luminar and provide an easy way to add elements to your photos.

Our overlay bundle include 10 overlay collections intended for all kind of photography styles.

The Overlay Collections:

  • Weather (Snow, Rain, Lightning)
  • Vintage Scratches
  • Light Effects
  • Retro Film Grain
  • Motion Light Leak
  • Bokeh Effect
  • Shadows
  • Sun
  • Spot Lights
  • Leaf & Petals


Background Collections:

$110 - Included

The return of the Layer editing and Portrait Background Removal in Luminar NEO opens the door for an even more creative photo editing. Power up your creativity with 93 high-definition backgroundsOur backgrounds are designed to work with Luminar NEO and provide an easy way to add powerful background to your photos.

Our background bundle include 8 background collections intended for all kind of photography styles.

The Background Collections:

  • Wall Paint
  • Street Wall
  • Gradient
  • Dark Paper
  • Watercolour
  • Neon Bokeh
  • Interior
  • Fine Art
Get it ALL for $39!

Sky Object Collections:

$130 - Included

Create a whole new world by using our sky objects. Use the powerful layer editing with 8 collections of magnificent sky overlays and add elements like hot air balloons, birds, fireworks, etc.

This collection, designed for Luminar, offers 129 beautiful sky elements of excellent quality.

The Sky Collections:

  • Single Clouds
  • Rainbows
  • Fireworks
  • Moon & Planets
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Aurora 

Texture Collections:

$80 - Included

Textures are an elementary part of photography as they can be used as backgrounds, overlays and additional elements. With the return of the Layer editing, you can now include textures in your Luminar NEO photo editing workflow. Power up your layer library with 8 texture collections designed for all photography styles.

This collection, designed for Luminar, offers 160 high definition textures.

The Texture Collections:

  • Fine Art
  • B&W Grunge
  • Old Canvas
  • Vintage Cracks
  • Acrylic Finish
  • Hard Rocks
  • Forgotten Things
  • Lonely Trees


LUT Collections:

$151 - Included

We love using the Mood tool and its looks (LUTs) in Luminar NEO. Power up your Mood library with 100 powerful LUTs (Colour lookup tables) and add extra drama or change the mood in your images with one slider. 

You will be getting 10 professional LUT collections designed for Luminar NEO and suitable for all photography styles.

The LUT Collections:

  • Nature
  • Cinematic Film
  • Mistery
  • Minimal Bright
  • Minimal Dark
  • Moody & Matte
  • Elegant
  • Film Noir
  • Epic
  • Indoor


Working Layer Collections:

$30 - Included

The return of the Layer editing in Luminar NEO opens the door for an even more creative photo editing. Use our Working and Check Layers to colour match or colour grade your images using the latest photo editing techniques. Power up your creativity with 23 high-definition layers.

Our layer bundle include 2 working layer collections intended for all type of editing.

The Working Layer Collections:

  • Colour Wheel Layers
  • Shades of Grey Layers

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You want to power up the tools in Luminar NEO and get the most out of them.
You want a quick and easy way to transform your images into works of art.
You are looking for a way to enhance your photos fast and without special training.

Imagine you could...

  • Get additional 986+ tools and elements for your Luminar NEO tools.
  • Create unique images that everyone loves with our easy to follow tutorials.
  • Enhance your photos with elements like air balloons, fireworks, shadows and leaves in a fraction of time.

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986 Luminar NEO
Tools & Elements

$880 - $39

Instantly power up your Luminar NEO with this massive bundle of over 986 professional tools.

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