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New bundle every month with all your favourite tools!

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Each month, receive a brand new themed bundle with more than 200 high-quality photography tools, such as textures, brushes, presets, LUTs, overlays, skies and much more. To help you get started, the membership includes an ever-growing tutorial library with 26+ video tutorials covering every tool you will receive.

Get exclusive access to our Clever Photographer Academy, an active group full of incredibly talented people who enjoy everything about photography, and where we run monthly competitions for prizes such as Luminar NEO, Affinity Photo, Photography Books etc.

Get access to our weekly photography review show, where you can submit your photos and receive feedback on your technical, artistic and editing skills.

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New bundle every month with all your favourite tools!

Current Bundle:

Black & White
Photography Bundle

Join Clever Photographer + today and get your Black & White Photography Bundle with 312 powerful photography tools in 20 amazing collections.

  • 30 Presets
  • 50 Textures
  • 75 LUTs
  • 82 Overlays
  • 30 Brushes
  • 20 Skies
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November 2022: B&W Photography Bundle

Sky Collections:

$69 - Included

Transform your photos instantly with our sky collections captured by our team of professional photographers. Use these ultra-high-definition skies to transform your photos into powerful, dramatic ones.

All our skies were taken with 40MP resolution cameras and come in high-quality JPG & TIFF format.

November sky collections:

  • Classic B&W Skies (10 x)
  • Dramatic B&W Skies (10 x)

Custom Brush Collections:

$49 - Included

Our custom brushes will help you transform your photo into a powerful scene in just a few minutes. Use these high-definition brushes to instantly add elements and special effects to your photos.

November brush collections:

  • Analog Noise Brushes (10 x)
  • Grunge Brushes (10 x)

Lightroom Brush Collection:

$19 - Included

Our Lightroom brushes offer an excellent way to edit your photos on specific parts of your image and create professional results in no time.

November Lightroom brush collection:

  • B&W Brushes (10 x)

Overlay Collections:

$49 - Included

These high-definition overlay collections will allow you to add new elements and special effects to your photos in just a few simple clicks.

November overlay collections:

  • Old Film Frame Overlays (15 x)
  • Film Overlays (12 x)
  • Analog Light Leak Overlays (15 x)
  • Dust & Scratch Overlays (20 x)
  • Bokeh Noir Overlays (20 x)
Get it ALL for just $14.99!

Preset Collections:

$29 - Included

Our popular development presets will bring the best out of your photos in just a few clicks. Try them on your photos to get results that will wow everyone.

November preset collections:

  • Porcelain B&W Presets (10 x)
  • B&W Landscape Presets (10 x)
  • Fashion B&W Presets (10 x)

LUT Collections:

$39 - Included

Using LUTs in your editing workflow can bring powerful results you never expected. Use them with your favourite application and start editing immediately.

November LUT collections:

  • B&W Mystery LUTs (25 x)
  • Nostalgic B&W LUTs (25 x)
  • B&W Classic LUTs (25 x)

Texture Collections:

$29 - Included

There are so many ways of using our beautiful textures. Regardless if you use them as an overlay or background, the result will be incredible.

November texture collections:

  • Black Chalk Textures (15 x)
  • B&W Canvas Textures (15 x)
  • Black Ink Paint (20 x)

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Clever Photographer Academy

Gain access to a friendly and supportive group of photographers and join us for regular competitions, photography reviews and tutorials.

Weekly Photography Reviews

Get access to our weekly photography review and receive feedback on your technical, artistic and editing skills.

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Website Offer (25% OFF):

Clever Photographer +

$19.99 - $14.99/MO

(Cancel Anytime)

Get 200+ new photography tools every month and
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