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Introducing the Luminar NEO Photo Manipulation Masterclass, an exceptional online course that will help you enhance your photo editing skills in Luminar NEO and unleash your creativity. The course was created by Jakub Bors who is known for his highly successful YouTube channel dedicated to Luminar NEO. The masterclass offers a project-based approach that allows you to follow along with Jakub step-by-step and learn at your own pace.

There are 15 unique photo manipulation projects available, each designed to be completed from start to finish without any prior preparation. The projects cover a wide range of techniques such as layers, masking, blend modes, colour grading, and more, making it an excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

As part of this masterclass, you will receive access to all the files Jakub uses in his demonstrations. This includes the RAW files, presets, overlays, LUTs, and skies that Jakub utilizes in real time. With these resources, you can reproduce his editing techniques and see how your images transform as you follow along with his guidance. It's a unique opportunity to learn by doing and achieve great results.


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Project 1: Floating Island

The Floating Island project is considered to be one of the most popular projects in the Masterclass. As you progress through it, you will learn how to combine multiple overlays, blend and adjust them together to create stunning results. The project is designed to help you master these skills and create amazing images.

Project 2: Desert Whale

Inspired by the vast Sahara desert, the Desert Whale project offers a great way to start with photo manipulation. Start your edit by combining multiple elements and learn how to remove background and how to create depth by using techniques like masking, and dodge and burning.

Project 3: Lonely Witch

If you've ever wanted to learn how to turn your portrait photos into cinematic spooky images, then the Lonely Witch project is a great way to start. To create a dramatic result, you will learn how to get the most out of the Dramatic, Structure AI and Atmosphere AI tools and combine them with creative use of overlays.

Project 4: Camera Rails

The Camera Rails project is a fantastic example of what can be done in Luminar NEO. You will start by learning to combine multiple images and overlays with smart masking and blending techniques to finish with a series of powerful cinematic tools.

Project 5: Neon Man

It's time to have some fun and this is where the Neon Man project steps in. This is a great project for everyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of the Background Removal Tool in Luminar NEO in order to completely transform their images.

Official Partner Product

We are proud to be official partners of Luminar NEO and work closely with Skylum, the team behind it, to maintain the highest standards of quality for our products. Each project was tested with the latest updates of Luminar NEO and follows optimal workflows to maximize the application's potential.

All the lessons in this Masterclass were designed by professional photographer Jakub Bors, who is also the founder of Clever Photographer. Jakub is a well-known personality in the photography community, and he hosts and produces Clever Photographer's YouTube channel, which primarily focuses on Luminar NEO tutorials and news.


Project 6: Magic Apple

The Magic Apple project is Jakub's favourite! It will give you a fantastic opportunity to learn how to create the popular glass look using the tools in Luminar NEO. On top of that, you will discover a few masking tricks to create totally unexpected results that everyone will want to see.

Project 7: Smart Skateboard

The Smart Skateboard project offers a great opportunity to learn how to create the popular 3D Pop-up effect in Luminar NEO. As a part of the project you will also learn how to control the light and how to easily create reflection.

Project 8: Night Cathedral

The Day-to-Night technique is popular for turning day photos into night shots. The Night Cathedral project will teach you exactly that as you will learn how to colour-grade your images to make them look like night shots. In addition, you will learn how to add light to the windows.

Project 9: Scary Man

The Double Exposure technique has been around for many years, but recreating it in Luminar NEO can be a difficult task due to the limited masking functionality. But this is where the Scary Man project steps in, as it's going to show you how to use the available tools to create powerful dramatic results.

Project 10: Night Adventure

The Night Adventure project is one of the more advanced projects in the Masterclass as it is an example of complete transformation. To complete it, you will learn how to add a moon, create shadows, remove backgrounds and even add spotlights to the car. 

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Project 11: Watermelon & Fish

If we had to pick one project suitable even for beginners, it would be the Watermelon & Fish. This fun project builds on the traditional combination of simple elements that can be combined with simple layer transformation and masking. 

Project 12: Snow Wolf

The Snow Wolf is one of the most beautiful projects in the Masterclass. The fairy-tale-like result is a combination of beautiful elements that are blended with several powerful techniques. To finish it off, you will learn how to re-create shadows, manipulate the light and colour match multiple elements together.

Project 13: Ghost Chapel

It's time to look at photo manipulation in combination with Landscape photography. The Ghost Chapel is an excellent example on how you can completely transform your landscape photos using the powerful tools in Luminar NEO in combination with a few creative overlays.

Project 14: The Ring Portal

The Ring Portal project is probably one of the most creative projects in the Masterclass. To complete this ultimate photo manipulation project, you will learn everything from background removal and color matching all the way to advance masking and layer editing.

Project 15: Neon Gate

The futuristic Neon Gate project offers a great way to learn how to use multiple photo manipulation techniques to create the ultimate cinematic result. With a focus on advanced masking, layer blending, and colour grading, this project will take your photo editing skill another step forward.

Project Based Training for Luminar NEO

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