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Luminar NEO and its latest updates brought the application to another level with unlimited possibilities in photo editing. The continuously improving library of tools, in combination with advanced layer editing, offers creative tools for all kinds of photographers regardless of your level of knowledge and photography style.

This Masterclass is here to help you discover Luminar NEO's power, tools, and features. All the original project-based lessons are designed to ensure that you will start using the full power of Luminar NEO on every image.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced Luminar user, this course will help you master the fundamentals, increase your understanding of all tools you should be using and let you take control of your editing.

Clever Photographer and Jakub Bors designed this Masterclass following the success of the popular YouTube series - Luminar NEO Academy and Luminar NEO - All Sliders Explained. The videos are in 4K quality and available on all devices, including your Desktop, Mobile and TV. You can follow the lessons and edit on your computer with access to all the sample files, including RAW files, JPEGs, Overlays, Skies, Presets and Textures.

Bonus: To celebrate the release of Luminar NEO's - HDR Merge & Noiseless AI extensions, we have created two mini-courses for these extensions covering everything about HDR photography and Photography Noise. Get them as a part of your Masterclass and learn how to get the most out of them.


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6+ hours 


All Levels


Luminar NEO

Part 1: Luminar NEO Overview

In this video we will explore Luminar NEO and its modules to make sure that you are comfortable moving around the application.

Part 1: Sample Files

In this lesson, we will show you how to download and import the sample files for the editing classes.

Part 2: JPEG Editing

We will start the editing by learning how to edit JPEGs in Luminar NEO to get a powerful result.

Part 2: RAW Editing

It's time to step it up and learn the full workflow of editing RAW files in Luminar NEO.

Part 2: Lightroom & Luminar NEO

Luminar NEO is a popular plugin for Adobe Lightroom. In this class, we will start the edit in Lightroom and enhance it in Luminar NEO.

Part 2: Photoshop & Luminar NEO

In this lesson, we will start the edit in Adobe Camera RAW and use Luminar NEO as a powerful plugin to Photoshop.

Part 2: Luminar NEO & Aurora HDR

Re-discover the power of HDR photography with the powerful combination of Luminar NEO & Aurora HDR.

Part 2: Luminar NEO & Panorama Editing

In this class, we will go over multiple options on how to create and edit panorama photos in Luminar NEO.

Part 3: Portrait Editing

It's time to turn our attention to specific photography styles. In this episode, we will edit several portraits and use most of the portrait tools.

Part 3: Wildlife Editing

Luminar NEO is an excellent tool for Wildlife Photographers. We will use the possibility of mask and layer editing to create beautiful images.

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Part 3: Landscape Editing

In this lesson, we will visit the Isle of Skye in Scotland and edit one of its most iconic location with the power of Landscape tools in Luminar NEO.

Part 3: Pets Editing

Pets photography is trendy now, and Luminar NEO allows you to create everything from fundamental development to complete changeovers. Learn how to do all of that in this class.

Part 3: Black & White Editing

Who doesn't love Black & White photography? This class will cover every single way of transferring your colour photos into stunning B&W images.

Part 4: Special Effects in Luminar NEO (Presets)

Now it's time to have some fun. In this class, we will learn the power of preset in Luminar NEO while creating three incredible photo editing styles.

Part 4: Special Effects in Luminar NEO (Portraits)

It's time to look at portrait photography again and learn all the special effects and edits you can create with the Portrait tools in Luminar NEO.

Part 5: Editing with Textures

The layer editing in Luminar NEO is one of the most exciting features this photo editing application has. In this class, we will learn how to use textures with layers and create breathtaking results.

Part 5: Editing with Overlays

Combining Overlays and Layers panels in Luminar NEO opens a whole new world of photo editing. Watch this class to learn how to get the most out of this combination.

Part 5: Background Removal & Replacement

Are you ready to master the Background Replacement in Luminar NEO? In this lesson, we will show you the entire workflow of background removal, background replacement, colour matching and shadow manipulation.

Part 5: The Power of Sky Replacement

Luminar has one of the best sky replacement features out there, and in this class, we will use all of its features to make sure that you can use it in any project you will face.

Part 5: Color Grading in Luminar NEO

The introduction of the Layers panel and background removal brought the need for Color Grading into Luminar NEO. In this class, we will look at the application's colour grading options.

Your Bonuses


HDR Merge Extensions

$29 - Included

To celebrate the release of the HDR Merge extension, we have created a mini-course covering everything you need to know to master HDR photography and this tool. This six-lesson-long course will cover everything from photographing to editing powerful HDR images. In addition, we will cover the entire editing workflow of HDR Landscapes, Interior and Nightscapes.


Noiseless AI Extensions

$29 - Included

Noiseless AI extension is here, and we have prepared a bonus mini-course covering everything you need to know about it. This six-lesson-long course will cover everything you need to know about photography noise. Later in the course, we focus on editing with examples of the low and high amounts of noise and JPEG noise reduction.


Luminar NEO
All Sliders Explained Course

$29 - Included

Luminar NEO has over 200 sliders, buttons and drop-down menus. This is why we created our popular "Luminar NEO: All Sliders Explained" masterclass with 37 videos (4 K quality) explaining every slider and editing option in this powerful editing application. Each video includes sample files to allow you to edit the same images along us.

Project Based Training

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You are looking for a way to enhance your photos.

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  • Transform any image into a beautiful piece of art.
  • Use all of the tools and features of Luminar NEO like a PRO.
  • Feel confident and skilful at using more than just a few tools in your Luminar NEO workflow.

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Luminar NEO

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Master your editing workflow using the FULL power of Luminar NEO with our incredible Masterclass.

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