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Discover the extraordinary possibilities that await you with our incredible collection of tools! Each month, enjoy a curated bundle of over 200 exceptional photography tools. Immerse yourself in a world of textures, brushes, presets, LUTs, overlays, skies, and so much more. Plus, we're here to support you every step of the way with our ever-expanding tutorial library, featuring 26+ video tutorials that cover each tool in depth.

As a valued member, you'll gain exclusive entry to our vibrant Clever Photographer Academy. This thriving community is home to a group of immensely talented individuals who share a passion for all things photography. Engage in friendly competitions and stand a chance to win incredible prizes.

Need expert feedback on your artistic journey? Look no further! Join us for our weekly photography review show, where you can submit your captivating photos and receive valuable insights to enhance your technical prowess, unleash your artistic vision, and refine your editing skills.

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New bundle every month with all your favourite tools!

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Professional Tools Created By Professionals

Welcome to the Clever Photographer + Membership, the ultimate haven for photographers seeking to elevate their skills and unleash their creativity. We are delighted to have you here! Our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary collection of professional tools meticulously crafted by the renowned photographer Jakub Bors, who has honed his expertise over two decades. As the founder of Clever Photographer and the mastermind behind the acclaimed Clever Photographer YouTube channel, Jakub's unwavering passion and boundless inspiration have positively impacted photographers worldwide.

Each and every tool in the Clever Photographer + Membership has been thoughtfully developed to cater to the needs of both seasoned professionals and passionate hobbyists. From our mesmerizing Presets to the enchanting Custom Skies, Overlays, LUTs, Textures, and Brushes, every offering adds a unique touch of style, mood, and atmosphere to your images. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can create awe-inspiring photographs that effortlessly stand out in today's highly competitive digital landscape.

Unleash your creative potential, express your unique vision, and embark on an unforgettable journey towards photographic excellence with the Clever Photographer + Membership.

Collections Included In The Membership

Preset Collections:

Enhance your photos effortlessly with our highly acclaimed development presets, designed to be fully compatible with Lightroom and Luminar NEO. In just a few simple clicks, unlock the true potential of your images and witness stunning results that are bound to leave everyone in awe. Give them a try and experience the magic yourself.

Sky Collections:

Elevate your photos to new heights with our exquisite collections of sky images, expertly captured by seasoned photographers. Instantly unleash the transformative power of these mesmerizing ultra-high-definition skies, and witness the magic as your photos evolve into captivating and dramatic masterpieces.

Every sky in our collections has been meticulously captured using state-of-the-art 40MP resolution cameras, ensuring exceptional detail and clarity. Available in both high-quality JPG and TIFF formats, these skies are ready to integrate seamlessly into your creative process, enabling you to achieve breathtaking results with ease.

Overlay Collections:

Unleash creativity effortlessly with our high-definition overlays. Transform photos with captivating elements and mesmerizing effects. Explore endless options, from subtle enhancements to eye-catching styles. Experience ease and stunning results with our versatile overlays. Elevate your photos with a few simple clicks.

LUT Collections:

Experience the transformative power of LUTs (Look-Up Tables) in your editing workflow. Simply integrate them with your favorite application and start editing instantly. Achieve professional-grade results and unleash your creativity with a vast selection of pre-defined color grades and styles. Elevate your images to new heights and stand out with awe-inspiring edits.

Get it ALL for just $9.99/mo!

Texture Collections:

Experience the limitless possibilities of our exquisite textures and let your creativity soar. Whether you utilize them as overlays or backgrounds, prepare to be amazed by the incredible transformation they bring to your work. Each texture is meticulously crafted to ensure breathtaking results that will leave you inspired. Get ready to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and discover the true magic of our extraordinary textures.

Custom Brush Collections:

Unleash the potential of your photos with our custom brushes, effortlessly transforming them into powerful scenes within minutes. Harness the magic of these high-definition brushes to instantly infuse your images with captivating elements and mesmerizing special effects. Experience the ease and speed of elevating your photos to new heights with just a few brush strokes.

Lightroom Brush Collections:

Elevate your photo editing to new levels of precision and professionalism with our Lightroom Classic brushes. These invaluable tools allow you to target specific areas of your image, enabling you to create stunning results with unparalleled accuracy. Streamline your editing workflow and achieve professional-grade outcomes in no time.

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Clever Photographer Academy

Join an encouraging community of photographers and participate in frequent contests, receive feedback on your photography, and access helpful tutorials.

Weekly Photography Reviews

Gain entry to our weekly live photography review show and obtain constructive feedback on your technical, artistic, and editing abilities.

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As a valued member, we want to help you celebrate your three-month milestone with an exclusive code for an extra 20% discount on all of our products.

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  • You want to be part of a thriving photography community.
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