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imgmi app Mar 03, 2023

The IMGM is an AI-powered photo editing application designed for Android and iOS devices. The application, designed by Skylum, the team behind Luminar and Aurora HDR series, brings some of its most popular AI tools to allow photographers to use them on their mobile devices. The interface is built on easy navigation that allows you to quickly edit your photo and share it with the rest of the world in the best possible quality.



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What is IMGMI

The IMGMI is a paid artificial intelligence-powered mobile photo editing application designed by Skylum Software. Thanks to AI tools, it is designed to make mobile photo editing faster and easier with higher-quality results. The application is available for Android and iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, and can be accessed through Google Play and App Store



How to get the IMGMI app

The application can be downloaded from Google Play and App store for Android, iPhone and iPad. It is available to try for free for seven days, after which it can be purchased outright or subscribed with weekly and yearly plans available. Skylum also offers unique plans for customers who own one of their current photo editing software.

IMGMI purchase options:

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Weekly Subscription: $2.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $19.99
  • Lifetime Purchase: $40.00

Additional information about the app:



Introducing IMGMI tools


Sky Replacement Tool (Full tutorial here)

The Sky AI tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically analyze your image to identify where the sky begins and ends and then seamlessly replaces the sky and adds reflections to any body of water to create a realistic look. Once the sky is replaced with one of the 45 skies available in the app (you can use your own if necessary), you will get access to additional tools that will allow you to fine-tune the result and adjust the orientation and mask of the new sky if needed.

The sky replacement tool isn't available for images with little or no sky. In this case, the tool will not open, showing the "Sky not found, choose another photo" message.

Watch the full video tutorial for the Sky Replacement tools here.

Remove Power Lines Tool

The Remove Powerlines tool is helpful for automatically removing unwanted objects like power and phone lines from the sky of a landscape photo. You can get a clear image with a simple slide across the screen. The result can be adjusted further with the help of Erase tool.

Erase Tool

The Erase tool lets you quickly remove unwanted objects or details from your photos directly on your phone. All you need to do is adjust the brush size with the simple slider and brush over unwanted areas. IMGMI then examines the surrounding pixels and generates a new texture based on its awareness of what’s nearby in the photo. It then matches the original pixels’ texture, lighting, and shading. If you accidentally select and erase areas you no longer want, you can switch your brush into the Restore mood and brush over the areas you want to bring back.

Enhance AI Tool

The Enhance AI tool harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance your photos. This tool automatically analyzes and instantly corrects your image while still offering control over the final correction amount. This tool is an excellent starter for many photos as it instantly improves the colour quality, details and tones. This will make your photos pop and stand out more.

Skin AI Tool

The Skin AI tool analyzes an image and detects up to five people. It then automatically enhances and retouches their skin. Depending on the setting, the tool can also remove skin defects, including acne, freckles and moles. The amount of the effect can be controlled with a simple, intuitive slider.

Body AI Tool

The Body AI tool completes the portrait editing tools with the possibility to shape a subject's torso and abdomen with two simple sliders. The Shape slider slims or adds volume to the subject's torso, and the Abdomen slider pinches in a subject's abdomen to remove volume.


The IMGMI app offers access to almost 100 LUT-based filters, allowing you to change your photo's appearance quickly. The built-in collections offer various photography styles, including B&W, Landscape, Portrait, Food and Animal photography. Each filter can be adjusted with a simple amount of sliders to control the intensity of the effect.

Adjust Tool

The Adjustment tool contains the essential controls for adjusting the image's appearance. It includes Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights and Saturation controls that can be adjusted with a simple slider.

Crop Tool

The Crop tool allows you to adjust the photo's composition, crop and perspective. The tool offers Ratio, Horizon and Rotate & Flip adjustments. The Ratio controls let you adjust the aspect ratio using the free option, or one of the many presets, including the popular social media crops for Facebook and Instagram. The Horizon control uses a simple slider to straighten the image horizontally. The Rotate and Flip controls allow you to rotate the image 90˚ counter-clockwise and flip it horizontally and vertically.



Getting started with the IMGMI app

The IMGMI app focuses on simple and intuitive controls, so most tools are controlled with sliders or buttons.

TIP 👍: To reset any sliders, double-tap on them.

Main Menu

The main menu is at the bottom of the screen, with all the tools on it. Once a tool is selected, it can be reaccessed by tapping the "Tools" button at the bottom of the screen. The menu also includes the options to add new or export your image.

Open Image

Once the app is open, you can import a new image by tapping on the plus sign "+" in the top left corner of the menu. The application will open a library view of the images available on your phone, and you can select one of them. The image will open with Sky Replacement or Enhance AI tool, depending on the subject.

The IMGMI app supports the following file formats: JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, DNG, PSD

TIP 👍: The library view includes a "letter" icon in the top right corner of the screen. This can be used to contact app support through an email form.

Before & After

The app lets you see the before and after view by tapping the image. This is only available in the "Tool" view out of the menu.

Zoom In & Out

To Zoom In, pinch the picture. To Zoom Out, pinch out. To reset the view, double top on the image.

Export Image

You can export and share the final result by tapping the export button in the top right corner of the menu. Once selected, the app will open the standard sharing window, and you can save or share your image from there.

The exported file will be in 8 Bits, sRGB, JPEG format with 300ppi resolution.



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