10 Hidden Tips for Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is, without any doubt, one of the most popular photo development software currently available. As such, it is packed with tons of tools and settings that are more or less known to most photographers. But what if we tell you that some convenient features are not known even by the most experienced photo editors? Let us share with you our favourite ten hidden tips and tricks in Lightroom Classic.

10 Hidden Tips & Tricks for Adobe Lightroom

  1. Solo Mode
  2. Auto Tone
  3. Lightroom...
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How To Use Brush - Lightroom

lightroom lightroom brush May 28, 2021

The adjustment brush is a great way to enhance your photos and bring attention to certain areas of your photos. If you aren’t familiar with using this popular and powerful tool, wait until you see everything it can do!

In this blog post, we will answer the most frequent questions our customers have regarding Lightroom brushes.

  1. What are Lightroom brushes
  2. How to add brushes into Lightroom
  3. How to use Lightroom adjustment brushes
  4. What are adjustment brush presets

1. What Are...

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