How to change color of ANYTHING in Luminar NEO

luminar neo luminar neo tutorials Feb 12, 2024

Today, we will be learning how to change colors of objects using Luminar NEO. The method you use will depend on which color you want to change and what color you want to change it to. The easiest way is to change one color to another, excluding black and white. Another technique involves changing white into a color, while the third technique is all about changing any color into black or white.

🎨 Change Color to Color tutorial:

To change the color of an item into another color, we will use a simple HSL panel in the Color tool in combination with masking.

Video 👉 Here
Sample Files 👉 Here

🎨 Change White to Color tutorial:

Combining the Toning tool, Color tool, and Masking can change white to a different color.

Video 👉 Here
Sample Files 👉 Here

🎨 Change Color to Black or White tutorial:

To convert any color to black or white, we can use the Develop tool  along with Masking.

Video 👉 Here
Sample Files 👉 Here

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