Luminar NEO: How to use the Crop AI Tool

luminar neo May 22, 2023
Luminar NEO Crop AI

In the world of digital photography, capturing the perfect composition is an art form. However, achieving that ideal crop and perspective can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. Enter Luminar NEO's Crop AI tool, an innovative solution that aims to transform the way photographers approach image editing. With its intelligent algorithms and user-friendly interface, this cutting-edge tool brings precision, efficiency, and creative control to the cropping process. Find out all about the Luminar NEO Crop AI tool in this article.

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What is the Crop AI Tool

Luminar NEO's Crop AI tool offers automatic adjustments to composition, crop, and perspective, ensuring optimal image results. Additionally, you have the flexibility to fine-tune any aspect of the composition manually, allowing for precise control. The non-destructive crop tool allows you to apply, edit, or reset the crop anytime without impacting the original image. It's worth noting that the crop tool settings are not saved with presets, providing a clean slate for each editing session.



Introducing the Crop AI Tool controllers


Automatically Cropping with Crop AI

Crop AI

Automatically crop your photo based on an analysis of its contents.


Horizon Alignment

Automatically levels the image horizontally. Suitable for images that aren’t level with the horizon but have a natural horizon or straight horizontal lines.

Auto Verticals Straighten

Aligns the image vertically. Works well with images that have clearly defined vertical lines.


Manually Cropping with Crop AI


Free. Create a custom shape by dragging it to taste.
Original. Preserves the original shape of the photo but allows you to crop more tightly to remove details from the edges
Transposed. The original dimensions are reversed for the crop.
1: 1 (Square). A square-shaped image is created.
4: 5. A near-square image that’s common for many photo sizes
8.5: 11. A common size for documents.
5: 7. A rectangular image that’s common for many photo sizes
2: 3. A rectangular image that’s common for many photo sizes
4 : 3. A rectangular image that’s common for many photo sizes
21: 9. A ratio that presents an ultra-wide view.
16: 9. A ratio used by televisions, many electronic devices, and presentations
16: 10. A ratio that matches many computer displays.
Facebook Cover. A useful size for a page banner on Facebook.
Facebook Feed. A common size for an image posted to Facebook.
Enter Custom. Offers the ability to choose a specific aspect ratio.

Horizon Alignment

Analyzes the image and straighten the image horizontally.

Rotate & Flip

Uses one-click tools to adjust the crop of the image quickly.

Rotate Left (CCW)

Rotates the image 90˚ counter-clockwise.

Flip Horizontal

Reverse the left and right sides of the image, creating a mirror image.

Flip Vertical

Reverse the top and bottom sides of the photo.


Getting started with the Crop AI Tool

To get started with Crop AI in Luminar NEO, simply open your desired image, select the Crop AI tool, and let its intelligent algorithms guide you towards achieving the perfect composition effortlessly.

Crop AI Tool: 

  • Open the image in Luminar NEO by using the Add Photos button in the Catalog module (L).
  • Move to Edit module (E).
  • Select the Crop AI tool at the top of the Tools toolbar, or press C on your keyboard to open it directly.
  • For images with a strong horizontal line, you can adjust the horizon alignment by clicking on Horizon Alignment. 
  • To find the optimal crop for your photo, just click on Crop AI and let the app analyze your image. It will select the best crop based on factors such as lines, levels, and main subject. If you change your mind and want to cancel the crop, click the arrow located above the Crop AI button on the right.
  • You can also crop your image manually if you wish. To adjust the cropping rectangle of an image, drag any of its corners or resize handles. If you need to shift the image within the crop, click inside the crop area and drag the image to the desired position behind the rectangle. If you want to rotate the image, click and drag from just outside a corner. A grid overlay will help you crop accurately. Once you're satisfied with the cropping, select another tool to apply it. Again, if you change your mind and want to cancel the crop, click the arrow located above the Crop AI button on the right.
  • To apply a specific ratio to your image, simply click on the Ratio drop-down button and choose the desired ratio.
  • If you need to rotate or flip the image, utilize the Rotate & Flip buttons.



Crop AI video tutorial

Watch the full video tutorial covering all sliders in this tool.




Luminar NEO

Luminar Neo is the latest editing software from Skylum. It was announced back in September 2021, and it's been highly anticipated since.

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editing software. Skylum has said that Neo isn’t replacing their previous release—Luminar AI. But Neo sets out to fix some of the issues users faced with Luminar AI.

We were impressed with the AI tools in Luminar AI. But like many others, we encountered performance issues. Luminar Neo uses the same AI tools, but the new high-speed core engine improves speed and performance.

Luminar Neo isn’t just more of the same. We’re happy to see Skylum has taken Neo in a different direction, adding layer and mask AI tools to the program. This broadens Neo’s appeal, taking it in an Adobe Photoshop direction.

Learn more about Luminar NEO here.

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