Luminar NEO: How to use the Dodge & Burn Tool

luminar neo Jun 09, 2023
Dodge & Burn Tool

In the world of photography, the magic lies in the ability to manipulate light and shadows. With the Dodge & Burn tool in Luminar NEO, photographers can elevate their artistry to new heights. This blog post takes you on a journey into the powerful world of Luminar NEO's dodge and burn tool. Discover its precision, versatility, and endless creative possibilities and get ready to unlock the full potential of your photographs and infuse them with captivating light.

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In this article:

  • What is the Dodge & Burn Tool
  • Introducing the Dodge & Burn sliders
  • Getting started with the Dodge & Burn Tool
  • Video tutorial
  • Luminar NEO



What is the Dodge & Burn Tool

The Dodge & Burn tool in Luminar NEO is a powerful feature that allows you to enhance highlights and shadows with precision and finesse. Whether you're a professional or an amateur photographer, this tool offers endless possibilities to add depth, drama, and a stunning interplay of light to your images. You can use this tool to brighten up dark areas or tone down overexposed highlights, giving you complete control over the final look of your images. With the dodge and burn tool in Luminar NEO, you can bring your creative vision to life and create images that truly stand out.



Introducing the Dodge & Burn Tool sliders



This slider adjusts the overall strength of the tool. 


Brush Control


This brush applies the dodging.


This brush applies the burning.


Use this brush to remove an unwanted effect.



Increase or decrease the size of the brush.


Adjusts the softness of the brush.


Adjusts the amount of dodging or burning you wish to apply to the image.




Getting started with the Dodge & Burn Tool

Whether you want to enhance the dramatic lighting in a portrait, add depth to a landscape, or create a stylized effect that draws the viewer's attention, the dodge and burn tool in Luminar NEO will become your trusted companion on this creative journey. Follow these steps to get started.

Dodge & Burn Tool: 

  • Open the image in Luminar NEO by using the Add Photos button in the Catalog module (L)
  • Move to Edit module (E)
  • Then, navigate to the Dodge & Burn tool in the Professional section of the editing toolbar (right side)
  • Choose either the Lighten or Darken tool from the top toolbar to select the desired brush.
  • Adjust the brush size using the Brush Size slider for precise painting. Use the right and left bracket keys ([]) to increase or decrease the brush size.
  • Gradually blend your strokes by adjusting the Softness slider. Press Shift + right/left bracket keys (Shift+[ and Shift+]) to control the brush's hardness.
  • Control the impact of your brush stroke with the Strength slider.
  • Start dodging and burning by clicking and painting on the canvas. If you make a mistake, use the Erase tool to remove accidental strokes. Reset the tool by clicking the curved arrow next to its name.
  • Fine-tune the global intensity of the tool and blend its effect with the original image using the Overall Amount slider.
  • Exit the Dodge & Burn tool to apply the adjustments to your image.



Dodge & Burn Tool video tutorial

Watch the full video tutorial covering all sliders in this tool.




Luminar NEO

Luminar Neo is the latest editing software from Skylum. It was announced back in September 2021, and it's been highly anticipated since.

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editing software. Skylum has said that Neo isn’t replacing their previous release—Luminar AI. But Neo sets out to fix some of the issues users faced with Luminar AI.

We were impressed with the AI tools in Luminar AI. But like many others, we encountered performance issues. Luminar Neo uses the same AI tools, but the new high-speed core engine improves speed and performance.

Luminar Neo isn’t just more of the same. We’re happy to see Skylum has taken Neo in a different direction, adding layer and mask AI tools to the program. This broadens Neo’s appeal, taking it in an Adobe Photoshop direction.

Learn more about Luminar NEO here.

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