Luminar NEO: Orton Effect (2 Techniques)

luminar luminar neo luminar neo tutorials Jan 30, 2024
Beautiful Glow Effect Landscape

Today, we will demonstrate two ways to create the Orton Effect using Luminar NEO. There are many editing techniques and tools available to enhance your images, but few have gained as much popularity as the Orton Effect. This effect creates a dreamy and glowing appearance, which is both loved and hated but still used by many photographers

In the first technique, we will use the Glow Tool's built-in "Orton Effect" function with a few advanced adjustments. In the second technique, we will use the Layers panel and Blend Modes. As we experiment with the look on sample images, we will also try combining it with masking to apply the effect only to specific parts of the image.

Sample Files 👉 Here

Video Tutorial 👉 Here

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