What are Lightroom Presets?

presets theory tutorial May 12, 2020

Lightroom presets are pre-determined settings (pre-set) designed to give specific looks to your photos. When using Lightroom to edit your photos, you move sliders to adjust settings like contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows. These slider combinations can be saved for future use on other photos. When you apply a preset to your photos, it will automatically adjust all the sliders, and it will bring consistency and will significantly simplify the editing process.



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Difference Between JPEG and RAW

theory tutorial Jan 29, 2020

The majority of Digital Cameras, including mobile phones, can shoot in both RAW format and JPEG format. So, what are the differences between these two image file formats? And when shall we shoot in RAW and when shall we use JPEG?

  • RAW image (also known as a “digital negative”) is an image file that contains unprocessed or minimally processed data from a digital camera’s sensor.
  • JPEG file is a commonly-used image file format, which will be processed and compressed by the...
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What is the difference between .lrtemplate and .xmp files?

presets tutorial Dec 02, 2019

XMP and LRTemplate are the proprietary file formats (presets) used by both Adobe Lightroom (Classic, CC & Mobile) and Adobe Photoshop (Camera Raw). Both of the files contains information and data about which adjustments and settings are applied to a photo.

What is LRTemplate?

The .lrtemplate file contains preset settings, which can be saved and used instantly to apply a series of users favourite adjustments to photos with a single click. Presets may have plenty of settings,...

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