IMGMI App: How to use the Sky Replacement Tool

imgmi app Mar 07, 2023
IMGMI Sky Replacement

The AI-powered photo editing app IMGMI includes an exciting Sky Replacement tool that lets you replace the sky on your photos in just a few taps. The tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically analyze an image, identify where the sky begins and ends, recognize if water is featured in the picture, and then seamlessly replace the sky and add reflections to any body of water to create a realistic look. 

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What is the Sky Replacement Tool

The Sky Replacement tool in the IMGMI app follows the success of the Sky AI tool in Skylum's popular software Luminar NEO. Many of the controls in this tool are similar to the desktop version, allowing you to replace your photos with control never seen before on mobile devices.

Once the new sky is selected, the app automatically analyzes the image and identifies where the sky begins and ends, and then seamlessly replaces the sky. The built-in AI also recognizes if water is featured in the picture, adding reflections to any body of water to create a realistic look. Once the sky is replaced, the tool offers three sets of controls to fine-tune the result with the possibility to adjust the final result's mask, position and overall look.



Introducing Sky Replacement Controls


Sky Library:

The sky library currently offers nine sky collections with 45 built-in skies. The collections and skies can be explored by swiping left and right on the text and thumbnails. The last sky collection, named "My Skies", allows you to upload and use your custom skies into the application.

Once the first sky is selected by taping on its thumbnail, the app will scan the image and replace the sky.

To change the replaced sky, select another one on the list and tap on it.

To reset the sky back to the original, slide the sky selector to the initial position.


Adjustments Controls:

Relight - This slider adjusts the exposure of the scene to match the new sky.

Defocus - This slider defocuses the sky and is useful when a shallow focus is used with a foreground object.

Haze - This slider adds a soft haze to the sky. Haze helps match a replacement sky to the original image.

Warmth - Use this slider to adjust the colour temperature of the image.

Brightness - This slider darkens or lightens the new sky. It helps match the original scene.

Reflection - This slider allows you to adjust the intensity of the reflection to your liking.

Water - Allows you to blur the reflected sky to better match an uneven water surface due to waves or ripples.


Orientation Controls:

Vertical - The Vertical slider allows you to position your sky vertically following the position of your horizon.
Horizontal - With this slider, you can freely position the sky horizontally and place it exactly where you want it in the scene. The application will perfectly scale it to fit while keeping it aligned with the horizon.
Horizon – The horizon slider allows you to adjust the position of the actual horizon line.
Flip – You can use the flip switch to change the direction of the sky in your photo, following the direction of the light or shadows.


Mask Controls:

Global - This slider affects how the texture is mixed into the scene. A higher value will increase the amount of new sky that is added.
Close Gaps - This slider fixes small details and holes not initially filled by the replaced sky. You may need to adjust it if the image has refined details like trees or wires.
Fix Details - This slider fixes minor imperfections around the edges of your new sky.



Getting started with Sky Replacement Tool

The Sky Replacement tool in the IMGMI app is straightforward to use. Import your image into the app and select one of the skies available in the Sky Library or use one of your own to replace it. Once the sky is replaced, use the additional controls to fine-tune the result, ensuring the mask and orientation of the new sky follow the original image.

TIP 👍: For the most natural result, keep an eye on the direction of light and shadows on the original image to ensure your new sky follows the same pattern.

Sky Replacement Tool: 

  1. Open the image in the app by clicking on the "+" sign in the top left corner of the menu.
  2. Select your new sky in one of the available collections, or upload your own in the "My Skies" section at the end of the list.
  3. Once the sky is replaced, return to the menu and start by adjusting the new sky's position with the Orientation controls.
  4. Open the Mask controls, zoom in on the image, and ensure the new sky is naturally blended with the original image. Use the available controls to get the best possible result.
  5. Use the Adjustment controls to complete the sky replacement.
  6. Once finished, continue with the edit, using the Enhance AI, Filters or Adjust tools better to match the original image and the new sky.



Sky Replacement Tool video tutorial

Watch the full video tutorial covering all sliders and controls in this tool.




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